Halle Berry In Stitches Over Justin Timberlake’s Birthday Post to Pal

Justin Timberlake’s birthday humor has Halle Berry giggling. The singer’s comedy chops have shaped up during his viral stints on “Saturday Night Live” over the years. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the singer’s use of an SNL bit to wish friend Andy Samberg a happy birthday had fans double over in laughter.

Timberlake took time out of his schedule to wish The Lonely Island member and SNL alum a happy 40th birthday. To do so, he posted a clip from their video for, “3 Way (The Golden Rule).”

Halle Berry

(John Phillips/Getty Images/Desiree Navarro/WireImage)

“Your mom says hi, jinx!” the duo says before singing the bridge: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…”

“@andysamberg your mom says happy birthday,” JT wrote in the caption.

Fans soaked up the throwback clip.

“I can hear the video without even turning on the volume.”

“@lindybriggs hah!! I completely forgot about this.”

“Omg I need to watch all of these right now 😂💛😂💛😂💛😂.”

“This is the funniest s—.”

“Those beards get me every time 😂😂.”

And the post even got a reaction from “Kidnap” star Berry, who simply wrote, “🤣.”

halle berry

Berry, meanwhile, has been shaking things up on her own Instagram page lately.

Firmly taking advantage of her sex symbol status, Berry posted a sultry photo of herself clad in a soaking wet white tank top and black bikini underwear. The top was lifted up baring the fit star’s taut abs and her arms covered her up enough to adhere to IG’s nudity regulations.

“Lazy Sunday ✨✨,” she said in the caption.

The image was coincidentally posted on Samberg’s birthday and days after the star marked her 52nd trek around the sun.

Reasonably, fans gushed over the post.

“Still da finest in my eyes. 😍👸🏾”

“WIFE since I was like 7 and watched the ‘Flintstones’ movie♥️♥️♥️.”

“Fire body, Mrs. Berry work it.”

“When real bodies were still a thing…..”

“Damn, Halle.”


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