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Tiny Harris’ New Video Shows She May Harbor ‘Resentment’ Towards TI After Cheating Scandal

Tiny Harris and her husband T.I. Harris appear to be on pretty good terms in their relationship, but the “Xscape” singer may still be heartbroken over her husband’s cheating affairs.

The mother of three was one of many fans to attend the “On the Run Tour II” by Beyoncé and Jay-z and she seemed to be having the time of her life. However, Tiny bopped extremely hard at an old time classic by Beyoncé titled “Resentment” which is about a woman who’s scorned by her lover after he cheats on her and lies about the incident.

Tiny Harris

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In the midst of Beyoncé singing the lyrics, ” As much as I wanna trust you, I know it ain’t the same… And it’s all because you lied… I only give you a hard time… ‘Cause I can’t go on and pretend like… I haven’t tried to forget this…  know she was attractive, but I was here first… Been ridin’ with you for six years… Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you, you?”

During Beyoncé’s performance, Tiny yelled in the background, “Yes” and shared a video on Instagram Live with the caption, “Yes one of my all time favorites of Bey too.”

Around June, a video surfaced of T.I. and “Greenleaf” actress Asia H’ Epperson back stage at one his concerts the two were extremely affectionate with one another. The Atlanta rapper was smacking the woman on her butt and kissing her on the neck. Tiny allegedly separated from her husband after the incident and engaged into a full social media battle.

T.I. also was accused of cheating on his wife with Bernice Burgos in 2017,

Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. in 2016, however, the couple has remained together through thick and thin.

Tameka 'Tiny' Harris

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