‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Van Johnson Countersues Brothers Who Accuse Him of Stealing ‘Chicagorilla’ Logo

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” reality star Van Johnson is being accused of stealing a logo for his urban fashion line.

Two brothers Faheem and Falaah Shabazz are currently in a legal battle with Johnson after they filed documents stating they own the rights to the “Chicagorilla” logo. Johnson hit back and sued them for slander, interfering with a business and assault the Blast reported.

Van Johnson

(photo credit: Van’s Instagram)

The “Loyal Ink” tattoo artist said he “legitimately” fears for his life after receiving a threatening phone call from an unidentified person who told him to “watch his back” and “they were coming for him.”

Johnson stated in legal documents that he and another one of the Shabazz brothers, Suraqah created the “Chicagorilla” collection together. However, their relationship ended and the reality star continued with the clothing line.

In the midst of filming “Black Ink,” Viacom received a legal document that prevented the fashion logo from being displayed on the show without compensation.

Faheem and Falaah reportedly filed legal documents after they realized the logo had monetary value.

Johnson claimed he’s lost money from sponsorships and other deals following the Shabazz brothers’ false claims and his reputation has taken a hit. Johnson filed a lawsuit for unspecified damages.

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