Fans Praise Lil Scrappy After He Says He’s a ‘New Man’ Following Near Death Accident

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy shared a picture of the totaled vehicle he was driving in after his severe car accident and fans were completely taken aback.

The former ‘Crime Mob’ member survived a terrible car crash in June that left him with a broken leg. He took to Instagram on Thursday and shared a picture of the totaled car he was in the night of the crash. The white Mercedes’ entire front end is torn off of the car and all of the airbags were inflated.

(lil scrappy instagram)

Lil Scrappy appeared to be extremely grateful for making it out the demolished car safely and said he’s a changed man.

” Tbt is a very special one God brought me and my bro @casinoroulette out from our old lives. The old me died and the rebirth of a new man came upon me from the heavens #ThankGod.”

Many of the rapper’s fans could definitely “relate” and said he was a “living testimony.”

“Everyone deserves a second chance man, you got this one, stay with God, God is real,” one of Scrappy’s Instagram followers noted.

Another person added, “Amen. This is a true testimony. God didn’t allow you to GO THROUGH this to do the same old thing as usual. New day, new mercies, new beginnings, new creature. Blessings to you and your family🙏.”

“Wow! God protected you that day.”

“Omg 😮You we’re truly blessed that day & yes Lord🙌🏾 yes!❣️Won’t God Do It!?! Stay focused on the rework of building the new you Scrap & continue to stay prayed up my Brotha from another mother.”

One fan wrote, “Wooowww bless God n glory to God daaannnmmmm n ur still alive Jesus Christ.thx to the Almighty God 😳.”

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star and his friend Casino Roulette were found nearly unconscious on the ground after crashing into a Miami utility pole. The two were hospitalized for weeks.

However, Lil Scrappy recently announced that he’ll be up and walking again within a matter of weeks.

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