Halle Berry’s Unbelievable Flexibility In Yoga Pose Leaves Fans In Awe

Halle Berry is flaunting her flexibility for all to see. The award-winning actress shared a picture of her striking what appears to be an extremely difficult pose with her trainer. “It’s #FitnessFriday again and this week’s #PHITtalks is all about the fitness of the mind as well as the body!” exclaimed Berry in her Instagram post. “Peter and I are answering your questions from last week on #yoga, #meditation and #mindfulness. Go to my stories and IGTV later today to see if your question got answered! Remember, we will do our best to answer as many as we can. Enjoy!!💪🏽❤️”

Not surprisingly, the “Kidnap” actress immediately became everyone’s fitness goals.

“That looks like it was a fabulous stretch for the back!”

“I want to recreate this pose it’s awesome 👏🏾 😍”

“Girl!!! You are so good looking!! 😍😍😍”

“Damn! Such strength. Fleibility” While some fans had no plans to take on the challenging pose. “Whew! My legs started to hurt watching this pic 😉”

This isn’t the first time the iconic beauty has sent fans into a frenzy. Last week, Berry posted a steamy photo of her rocking messy loose curls and a sexy pose with the simple caption, “Lazy Sunday ✨.” One fan said, “You don’t look like 52! You look like 25 and this for the next 20 years or more!” Another fan wrote, “Wow! Still got it! & Never lost it! All hail Halle berryyyy! Halle berry!”

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