‘LHHATL’ Star Tokyo Vanity Slams School for Suspending Niece Because of Her Hair

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” celeb Tokyo Vanity was highly upset after her niece’s school suspended the little girl because of her braids.

The reality star shared a video of her niece in tears after a Christian school claimed she and other little girls violated their dress code wearing extensions. Vanity took to Instagram on Monday to express her frustration regarding the incident.

Tokyo Vanity

She wrote, “Hi guys this my niece … she was humiliated at school today at ‘Christ The King School’ in Gretna Louisiana. … she was pulled out of class amongst several other Black girls a suspended for hair extensions.”

Fans were upset after hearing Vanity’s story of her niece being suspended and flooded the star’s comment section with remarks of disbelief.

One person wrote, “This is so upsetting!!!! It is absolutely aged appropriate and nondisruptive. From an early age women or color are forever apologizing for who they are! It’s not right.”

Another fan noted, ” I hate when these schools try to kill a kid’s individuality. There’s nothing distracting about her hair. The bigger distraction was them pulling her out of class.”

“I was expecting to see a crazy hairstyle or something thinking maybe that’s what happened….NOPE that baby’s hair is reserved, it’s appropriate, not offensive, and pretty. That’s crazy to me that she’s being punished for that. I hope that gets worked out.”

“This is pure foolishness the school have to be stopped it isn’t anything in the school board policy that they can’t have hair extensions pure discrimination them white children have extensions too.”

Another fan expressed, “Wow . I’ve literally attended Catholic School for 9 years and not once was it ever an issue. This is ridiculous. This hairstyle is even age appropriate!”

The incident with Vanity’s niece with ‘Christ the King’ follows after six-year-old Clinton Stanley Jr. was denied from entering a Christian school in Florida because of his dreadlocks.

Vanity has yet to give an update on her family’s decision on whether or not to pull her niece from the school.


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