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Judge Joe Brown Takes Issue with SZA’s Claim that ‘Women Don’t Need Men’

Some remarks SZA recently made has apparently irritated former TV judge Joe Brown.

During an interview with Brtish Vogue, the singer said that women are able to survive on their own without the help of men.

“Feminine energy is dominant, whether you throw it on a line-up or not,” SZA said of the lack of female performers at music festivals. “We don’t need [men] to survive or be valid functioning members of society. [Women are] representing themselves in a new grown-up demographic that’s probably quite threatening to what we’ve always known.”

But the former star of “Judge Joe Brown” doesn’t buy into SZA’s female empowerment message.

“This’s a selfish & foolish brat: while a few females like her aren’t able to cope with MEN, the Human race, children & well adjusted REAL WOMEN do need MEN just like REAL MEN need WOMEN,” he fired off on Twitter Thursday, Aug. 16.


The post got several responses from Brown’s followers who backed up the attorney’s practical reasoning for why men and women need one another.

“Tell SZA to take all the women to half the country and men on the other half and see what happens in a year. Those women will be defecting back to the male side like the North Koreans trying to sneak to South Korea lmao 😂.”

“I can’t stand hearing this from young ladies who haven’t even been on earth 30 years. How the hell are we supposed to procreate???🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“Unfortunately many of them feel this way. Really shines light on the intense social engineering in exploding overdrive that’s been going on around the world.”

Brown co-signed many of the responses he got that were in his corner. However, one person explained, “She was talking about women being independent in a male-dominated society that we live in that belittles women to a point where they (or someone else) thinks that they can’t do it because they’re a woman. She was empowering women. You took it out of context.”

However, Brown remained firm in his position. He responded by tweeting statistics from an unknown source.

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