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Porsha Williams Debuts Most Dramatic Hairstyle Yet

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams is never afraid to switch up her hairstyle and her newest look is no exception.

Probably most known for rocking super long, full, curly or Black wigs, Williams shook things up over the weekend when she instead traded the dark hair for an ashy blonde ‘do.

“#PorshaWilliams is out here servin’ BLONDE bombshell realness! 👏🏾😍🔥 #RHOA,”The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fan Instagram page posted on Saturday, August 18.

Porsha Williams


Williams herself is clearly feeling her new look, delighting in the wig as she shakes out her hair and allows the cameraman to get a closeup of the flawless unit.

Several fans of the show loved the brighter hair.

“Have to say…I do like the blonde. 👍”

“She snatched Kim Zolciak’s wig and said ‘Bih gimmie this hair, Ima show yo ass how to rock a wig!’ 😂😂😂”

“Who is doing her hair? That s— looks GOOD!”

“Porsha, I normally don’t like blonde wigs, but HONEY you are serving me a full weeks course supply of meals.”

But others weren’t feeling the look.

“Love Porsha. Just not in red or blonde hair. I’m not a hater or jealous. She just looks better in her natural hair color.”

“Take that damn blonde wig off your head n give it back to Kim doesn’t fit you n that nose ring is ugly with that hoop get a stud.”

“Blonde is not for every skin tone.”

“It looks so ugly on her, sorry!!!”

This is just the latest time Williams has played with her hair color this summer. Earlier in the season, she posed with boyfriend Dennis McKinley at his birthday celebrations rocking a wavy, bright purple hairstyle. She also sported a sleek, Kool-Aid red color before then, writing on Instagram in June, “❣He said he like it red #BloodyMoves #DM❤.

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