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Amanda Seales Goes Off on ‘Colonizer’ Who Called the Police on Show’s Guest

Actress Amanda Seales slammed a popular venue in Houston after a white employee dialed the police on a Black member who didn’t have on a wristband.

Seales recently presented her project “Smart, Funny and Black” in Texas on Sunday and the event took an unexpected turn. A guest who was set to make an appearance on the show was allegedly prohibited from entering “Ware House Live” by security because the person wasn’t wearing a wristband.

However, a venue employee allegedly called the cops on the show guest and tried to justify his reasoning for doing so, but Seales wasn’t having it.

“Joshua called the cops on one of our guest because he didn’t have a wristband,” the actress explained in an Instagram video. “You’re now another white person calling the cops for no reason.”

Seales’ friend intervened and said she saw the police pull up at the venue after the minute incident. The employee claimed the “cops” worked at the venue, but then back peddled and said he was just following “security” procedures.

“The cops work here,” Seales asked in disbelief. “Why are you calling the cops over a wristband for a guest that’s on our show. If they said to you they’re on our show wouldn’t that be a different protocol?”

Seales continued on her rant and said she was “tired of white fu**ery.”

The star also wrote on social media, “Colonizers at Houston’s @warehouselive had the WRONG one. Smart Funny & Black WILL NOT tolerate mistreatment, at ANY venue, of any of our guests/staff/patrons. Check your conduct.”

The “Insecure” actress uploaded a second video and blasted “Ware House Live” for racially discriminating against her show guest.

“I don’t know if yall are just treating us like this because you had a poor experience with others of the same skin tone in the past, but I will remind you, that not all of us are the same,” Seales noted.

“Treat guests respectfully, especially if they’re selling out two got damn shows.”


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