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Amanda Seales Has a Message for Critics Demanding She Address Her Light-Skinned

Amanda Seales is hitting back at a social media user who accused her of not going in enough about her privilege as a light-skinned actress.

The comedian appeared on “The Breakfast Club” back in February and said she didn’t necessarily know if being light-skinned helped her get jobs.

“Colorism is an actual, real thing that is rooted in how darker skinned people are discriminated against,” the “Insecure” star says. “And I don’t think being light-skinned makes you a part of the colorism conversation in terms of someone who is being discriminated against for your skin color. But I do think that there is still a unique space that happens when you are a light-skinned person within the Black community and within society.”

However, someone felt her answer wasn’t deep enough, apparently.  Seales responded first in song by singing “Go f— yourself,” and then explained why she didn’t launch into a diatribe about how her complexion benefits her.

“As far as I’m concerned, as a light-skinned woman, all there is for me to say about colorism is that it exists and that me being light-skinned doesn’t make me more valuable, more talented or more beautiful and that we need to stop pushing the narrative that it does.”

On the flip side, she also said her lightness doesn’t mean she doesn’t stick up for Blackness, is less of a Black woman and has no struggles.

“Trust, a lot of these white folks, it don’t matter what kind of brown you are, they ain’t f—ing with you,” she says. “And when you got a mouth like mine, I can be eggshell and they’d be like, ‘Get that n—er outta here!'”

Several of Seales’ followers adamantly agreed.

“ALL FACTS!” someone commented.

“Love you 😂😂😂 #facts💯” another wrote.

“Said beautifully,” someone said.

Another simply posted emojis to convey their feelings. “👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾”

“Preach🙌👏,” someone else wrote.

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