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Neffe Pugh, Keyshia Cole’s Sister, Asks Why Her Son Has To Go To Court For a Nearly Decade Old Fight?

Neffe Pugh, Keyshia Cole’s sister, said her son had to recently go to court for a fight he had nearly a decade ago.

“So as I sit here with my son who I have helped raise since he was 8, now 24 years, I can’t help but to have this look on my face,” she wrote. “Listen, for anyone who is dealing or have dealt with the court system, please give me some insight because this is my first time, and I refuse to let the system win.”

Pugh also explained what a good kid her son is, both in and out of the classroom.

“No record, great student and son loves basketball and loves his family and his life,” she wrote. “There is no way a simple fight that happened seven years ago should have my son in court today. At times I wonder if they really wanna see our young Black men stay in a system that belongs to them for us to lose…. Today we will walk out winners.”

The details of the fight haven’t been revealed yet, and there’s no word as to why the 24-year-old has to answer for all of this now, but Pugh said the whole experience has changed her.

“I just found out, the court system, the system is not set up for us,” she said in a second post outside of the courthouse. “I can’t believe what just happened in this courtroom. I’m just like what? I’ve come to terms with myself that they absolutely want to keep us in bondage and they want us to fail … I actually can’t believe we got to return to this bitch. This ain’t cool and I’m angry about it.”

Meanwhile, Keyshia Cole announced that her mother Francine “Frankie” Lons suffered a relapse after trying to beat a longtime drug addiction.

“Every time my mom relapses, it breaks my heart more than it’s already been broken,” she wrote. “I’m hoping, if any of you are dealing with a family member who’s battling with drug addiction that you, yourself are learning how to cope with the struggle of it all and all the pain it brings to see a loved one constantly relapsing. See them go back to the streets because that’s what they’re used to or would rather be. I really miss you and will always love you.”

A lot of folks left encouraging words for the singer and talked about their own experience of dealing with a family member’s drug addiction.

“I know first hand what it’s like to have a loved one addicted, and it’s very heartbreaking,” one person messaged. “Keep the strength. I’ll be praying.”

“I pray she comes up and out on the other side of this,” someone else wrote.

As far as Pugh’s son and his court situation, there’s no word on what the outcome is, or if he’ll have to see the judge again.

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