Nicki Minaj Responds to Beef with Lil’ Kim, Says New Female Rappers are Being Trained to ‘Disrespect’ Her

It seems like Nicki Minajs recent interviews is getting almost the same amount of attention as her new “Queen” album.

After airing out people like DJ Self and her ex-Safaree Samuels this week, the “Ganja Burns” rapper addressed her beef with Lil’ Kim and said she only had nice things to say about her in the past. That was until the Brooklyn rapper dissed her many years ago.

Nicki Minaj Talks Lil' Kim


Nicki also addressed the idea that she doesn’t support the up and coming female rappers, which she said is false.

“So in no way shape or form do I not think it’s a good thing to open doors, because doors were opened for me,” she told Genius. “And when I was on the come up DVDs, if you play my interviews, I didn’t only name Foxy [Brown]. In all my interviews, I named several females.”

“But they don’t tell you that story about me,” continued Nicki. “They only have one narrative: Someone got at me, a veteran got at me, and I hit them with ‘Roman’s Revenge’ and kept on going. What was I supposed to do? Not feed my f—-ing family? You never gonna make me not feed my f—ing family. So I did what I had to fucking do.”

Just last week, Kim was asked about her feud with Nicki, but she chose not to get into it. In fact, the “Hardcore” creator got fairly annoyed when the topic came up, and she told the interviewer not to ask her about Nicki at all.

Plus, in that same interview, Kim suggested the Young Money rapper wronged her in the past and until she makes it right, they won’t be able to settle things.

And in June, on the red carpet, a reporter asked Kim about the tension that Nicki and Cardi B were having at the time, and Kim said she had no idea who the “Queen” rapper was.

Later in Nicki’s speech at Genius, she spoke more of how she paid homage to the female rappers that came before her, but today’s young rappers don’t do that for her.

“I was bigging them up over and over and over,” she stated. “Do I have to pull up the fu—-n’ interviews? Do I have to pull up the questionnaire when they asked me my top five and four women were listed in my top five?”

“Remember, there was a line that said Kim, Foxy and Remy,” Nicki added. “Nobody remembers that … Go on YouTube and see how many times I’ve said bitches names, but y’all training new bitches to come in and disrespect me.”

After Nicki’s words surfaced, some accused her of always complaining, while others gave her props. 

“I’m so sick and tired of her playing the victim,” someone wrote. “Playing the victim all the time is not flattering. There’s new bitches coming out, and they don’t owe your ass sh–.”

“Nicki not flopping and never will,” another person wrote. “If it wasn’t for streaming credits, which she is the one responsible for, nobody would be charting but her, just off off pure sales alone. She made it possible for others to win, yet no ones talks about that. That girl got a fan base that can’t be touched and a brand and an excellent business acumen. Instead of them bashing her they should’ve linked up with their sis.”

Kim hasn’t responded to any of this yet.

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