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Michael B. Jordan Gives Super Fan Her ‘Best Day Ever’

Michael B. Jordan wasn’t able to take one of his biggest fans to prom earlier this year, but it’s safe to say he’s more than made up for that now.

Audeva Agyeman explains in the clip posted to Jordan’s social media feeds Wednesday, Aug. 15 that her boyfriend who lives out of state canceled on going with her at the last minute.

That forced the teen to get creative.

She spent three hours, according to a tweet she made, making her celebrity crush’s likeness into a life-sized cardboard cut out that she could take with her to the dance. The photos of the moment went viral earlier this year and she was later invited to the set of Jordan’s film “Creed 2.”

She had no idea he’d be there to surprise her, however.

“We’re on the set of ‘Creed,’ I’m getting ready to surprise one of my super fans,” Jordan explains in the video. “I thought that was super sweet so I just wanted to do something special for her and get the chance to come out and check out the set.”

As Agyemen recounts her story to camera personnel, Jordan sneaks up behind her and after screaming in shock, she got a hug from the actor.

Afterward, Agyemen told The Huffington Post the two got to chat for a moment but she “barely comprehended because I was drawing blanks staring at him.”

“Quick S/O to all 5 guys who decided not to go to prom with me, this was so much better.😂YALL I MET MICHAEL B(e my date to senior prom in May) JORDAN!! Best Day Ever 🤧💕 Thank you @michaelbjordan & @creedmovie #creed #creed2 #michaelbjordan #trending feel free to tag Ellen or the shade room or whatevaaaa 👀,” Agyemen wrote of the meet and greet on her IG page.

Fans who watched the once-in-a-lifetime moment online shared their feelings on what transpired.

“@de.gye was so sincere and determined to enjoy her prom with the man of her dreams. I’m ecstatic that your dream came true. Thanks @michaelbjordan #blackpanther #creed2 @creedmovie.”

“This is Awesome!!! Love it!!!!”

“🙌 That was amazing, she was so excited. Great to see you engaged with your fans. 🔥”

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