Ray J’s Sweet ‘Birthday’ Post Goes Left After Fans Mommy Shame Princess Love

Ray J. shared a sweet moment of him serenading his wife Princess Love for her birthday, but that was quickly overshadowed by social media’s mommy police.

The Hollywood artist wished his lovely lady a “happy birthday” with baby Melody right by their side. He began singing the birthday song to Love as she held their daughter in her arms.

Ray J. took to Instagram to showcase the family’s sweet moment and wrote, “Just the 3 of us! I love you baby- We have overcome obstacles and became stronger than ever! This is your first bday with @melodylovenorwood our beautiful baby and that’s the biggest blessing anyone can receive! I’m looking forward to our life journey together! And I’m happy youre my wife @rayjnprincess @princesslove #HappyBirthdayPrincess #GodsPlan.”

However, the sweet moment took a turn for the worst. Fans quickly turned their attention to Love holding baby Mel a little too close to flaming candles as the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star stood up.

Instagram users began bashing the new mother and said the baby’s legs were too close to the lit candles.

One naysayer wrote, “Get that baby away from those candles🤦🏽‍♀️.”

Another added, “I’m happy the baby is okay!!! I got scared for a minute there.”

“Lawd i wished for the baby safety from the 🔥.”

“I’m paranoid … i would never put the baby so close to the 🔥.”

“Why is she moving with the baby towards the flames? I thought she was “going to teach Mo how to be a good mom?” 🙄🙄.”

Another one of Love’s critics commented, “Girl holding that baby a lil too close to those flames.”

However, Love didn’t pay the naysayers any mind and was happy to spend her birthday with her loving family.

She added, “This has been the most special birthday. This is the first time I didn’t wish for anything… I simply thanked God for all of my blessings, and for giving me what I’ve been praying for all these years.. my baby girl… and my family. I have no more wishes. I’m just thankful ❤️.”


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