Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Phor Everim Blames Colleagues for Missed Opportunity After Jamaica Brawl

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Phor Everim lost an “opportunity of a lifetime” after his cast-mates got into a huge brawl in Jamaica.

The tattoo artist flew was given the opportunity to perform his music at a concert in the country, but his colleagues may have ruined it for him. During Wednesday night’s episode the two tattoo shops “9MAG” and “Loyal Ink” came to blows and began fighting in the middle of the street. Employees from both sides of the companies engulfed into a verbal and physical altercation.

Phor Everim

(photo credit: Phor’s Instagram)

Everim later told his crew that concert promoters who invited him out to perform were the same people who witnessed the “Black Ink” brawl. One of the boosters saw the rapper in the mix and removed Everim from the concert.

The Chicago tattoo artist gave his cast-mates a short speech and said, “I just want to say due to everybody bulls**t, ya’ll forced me to lose an opportunity of a lifetime.” He continued, “I missed an opportunity that everybody came down here for so it’s a pointless trip.”

Everim’s brother Don Brumfield stepped in and tried to form a peace agreement with both tattoo shops.

He added, “I understand why my brother is hurt and pissed at the same time. And because nobody want to put their pride to the side, now they made him miss out on something that could of been a great chance and a great opportunity in his life.”

Fans agree with Everim and Brumfield and blasted “9MAG” and “Loyal Ink”‘s behavior.

“I know they felt bad ! Street Brawling in Jamaica,” one person wrote.

“I didn’t even see him wow he still the only innocent one he didn’t get involved,” another person said.

One view said, “Like y’all ruined this man performance over what ? A petty ass beef y’all could have settled that shit back at home.”

The brawl started after Junior, a “9MAG” employee disrespected “Loyal Ink” and began talking crap about the tattoo shop.  A few moments later complete chaos broke out.

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