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T.I. Looks Unrecognizable In New Photo for Movie and Fans Are Stunned

Rapper T.I. is back on his grind and recently shared two photos on social media that have fans buzzing about his upcoming movie “Dolemite is My Name.”

The 37-year-old posted a picture in character on his Instagram Saturday dressed to impress. The star sported a vintage blue suit, and a tie to match, with a mini high-top fade, super thick beard and mustache. Some social elites even claimed the star could pass as a mini “Lawrence Fishburne.”


(photo credit: T.I. Instagram)

T.I. captioned one of his photos, “When you hear her say ‘Hey Big Daddy.'” He also shared a photo with comedian Eddie Murphy standing side-by-side. The “Norbit” actor was draped in a pink and burgundy checkered suit with a pink pimp hat.

The “Grand Hustle” creator wrote, “As far as Legendary days go….👑💩🚫🧢#DolemiteIsMyName.”

Fans were pumped up about T.I.’s upcoming role and asked a series of questions about the film.

“I can not wait to see this masterpiece film! This is going to be the classic film of the year. You taken this character to whole new level #Soulglow,” one Instagram user said.

“I saw a Different picture earlier I swear I’m just now realizing that it’s you!😩😂 #distinguished nice look on you Sir 😘,” another person added.

“When is this coming out just watched the old Dolomite.”

“I can’t wait 4 this movie! Been needing something like this.”

” I can’t wait for the film to start. My first time watch Rudy Ray Moore i was i my 20 and I saw it in drive-in theater here inhere in Memphis,” one fan commented.

T.I. is starring in the Netflix biopic “Dolemite Is My Name” along with co-stars Mike Epps, Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, and Keegan-Michael Koy. The film is set to be released in 2019 according to Hollywood Reporter.

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