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Tamar Braxton May Not Come Back to ‘Braxton Family Values’ After Pay Dispute

A new first look into what’s in store for the second half of the latest season of “Braxton Family Values” has fans wondering about Tamar Braxton’s involvement.

After a rift between the Braxton sisters erupted during the first half of “Braxton Family Values,” the second part of season six is being shot in real time. This comes after the family refused to shoot back in June, which TMZ reported was because of the Braxtons’ demands for a higher-fairer pay rate.

Tamar Braxton

CINCINNATI, OH – JULY 27: Tamar Braxton performs at Paul Brown Stadium on July 27, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

The teaser primarily focuses on TraciTowanda, Trina and mom Evelyn Braxton helping Toni Braxton plan her wedding to rapper Birdman. However, when the sisters and matriarch are helping Toni try on wedding dresses,  she says, “It just feels incomplete. I just feel like all of us need to be here.”

The trailer shows a phone call coming through to Evelyn’s phone from Tamar. Then, it cuts to a scene of an emotional Traci tearfully saying, “it’s like starting all over again.”

Fans who watched the trailer also noticed that Tamar was nowhere to be found in any of the scenes for the next part of season six. They also were adamant about not watching the show any longer if Tamar wasn’t going to be part of it.

“[Tamar] is not in any of the previews.”

“I think it’s safe to say she’s not going to be a part of this season at all.”

“I want Tamar back on BFV 😣😣.”

“I want u there if not move on sis! I love u #Tamarfacts.”

“But I’m gonna need Tamar to be there too!! 😠”

“Just cancel the show already if Tamar not gonna be on there and just give #tonibraxton a special show with her and Birdman filming the wedding and call it a day … cause this is a catastrophe, All love though. 😂❤️”

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