NeNe Leakes Gathers Fan Who Says She Needs to Worry about ‘Hubby’ with Cancer and ‘Reconstructed’ Face Instead of Internet Trolls

NeNe Leakes knows fans are aware of her clapback game. And when one asked her about why she doesn’t just ignore haters,“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star let the truth be known.

Underneath one of her posts on Instagram last week, a fan wondered about Leakes’ constant clapbacks to trolls.

“When you’re rich and your well into your 40s and your hubby has cancer, not to mention your face is totally reconstructed since season 1😶. It just seems like you’d have better things to do than be clapping back at irrelevant trolls on social media. I’ll never understand why celebrities entertain these lames!!”

Leakes characteristically wasted no time in hitting back at the user.

“@fostergirl76 you’ll never understand 🤔 well let me help you understand… public figures have feelings too! You never know what a person is going through! No one owns the right to speak negativity into you daily! Everybody has a snap button.”

NeNe Leakes 

Fans responding to the back and forth took varying positions on the issue.

“Agree you don’t know none of these ppl and they don’t know you so why waste good energy going back and forth with somebody you don’t know🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“Yep!! Looking for trouble messing with the celebrities, baby!! They are human 😂.”

“What kills me is how they respond to the negative and not the positive 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“These celebrities kill me when they put themselves out there as entertainers and get mad when people have opinions.”

It’s true, Leakes is the queen of clapping back at online detractors.

After RHOA fans accused Leakes of stepping on her co-stars to get to the top on the Bravo series, the star swiftly corrected them.

“You have done the exact same thing. I’ve watch[ed] you do it, to get to the top ATL housewives!” the fan wrote in response to a post that warned about who to keep in your inner circle.

“@miz_fiji_baby I didn’t need to get to the top on RHOA! I started the show hunni,” Leakes responded.

And last week when another fan bashed the clothes at Leakes’ Swagg Boutique saying, “either the model’s outfit is too big or Nene’s outfit too small… they look like totally different outfits,” Leakes hit back again.

“@joycediva40 that’s the whole point! Everybody isn’t shaped the same so u get to see what it looks like on 2 different body types,” she said.




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