NeNe Leakes Checks Fans Who Accuse Her of Scheming ‘ATL Housewives to Get to the Top of the Show’

Another day means another one of NeNe Leakes’ positive messages has led her to have to clap back at a follower.

“The problem is y’all choose people who are good for your image, instead of choosing those who are good for your spirit…” Leakes’ Tuesday, Aug. 7 Instagram message read.

“Say it loud so the people in the back can hear ya🗣,” the RHOA star added in the caption.

NeNe Leakes

Leakes’ post was met with lots of backers.

“If you make ANOTHER post this year you have definitely done it today🙌🙌🙌. This is AWESOME @neneleakes.”

“Dats right! I’d rather be RICH in spirit b—- lol 🙌🏽🙌🏽.”

“@neneleakes it’s like buying a car… while you worried about how pretty the car look you best be checking under the hood where what really counts is …. but y’all don’t hear me tho!!!”

But then, several people accused Leakes of stepping on the backs of her fellow ATL housewives to get to the top of the show.

“Oh @neneleakes So that explains why you [and] Gregg [Leakes] divorced you and now all of a sudden he’s good for your spirit so you remarried. Now I guess the only spirit that you’re going to have to worry about is Gregg’s spirit when he dies. I’m saying this to you because you’ve said so many hurtful things to others and I’m speaking for those who didn’t have the guts to stand up to you but you’re just a stripper with a little bit of money now and you’re STILL Hood rat who can’t spell the red bottom shoes that you wear NOR can you pronounce the word ‘bridesmaids’ because when you were planning your wedding you kept leaving the S off and it sounded so very ignorant on national TV LIKE YOU 😂🤷🏽‍♀️💯💩”

“You have done the exact same thing. I’ve watch[ed] you do it, to get to the top ATL housewives!”

It was the last comment that led Leakes to fire back, “@miz_fiji_baby I didn’t need to get to the top on RHOA! I started the show hunni.”

NeNe Leakes

This is the second time in the last several weeks that Leakes has had to defend one of her pink posts. She was forced to explain that her street code advice wasn’t about co-star Kenya Moore.

“I really have no freaking clue where you guys are getting anything with Kenya and I from,” she explained on Instagram Live in July. “Kenya and I hadn’t had an issue in, gosh, I don’t even know how long. A couple of years? I guess? We haven’t had an issue and it’s so funny how some of the people are saying things like, ‘NeNe didn’t invite Kenya to a dinner’ and all that.”


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