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NeNe Leakes Hit Back at Fan After She Trashes Boutique Clothes

NeNe Leakes stayed true to form Thursday when she took time to put a fan in her place for trashing her boutique apparel.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Aug. 9 posted a photo of herself posing alongside a model in a matching pink and blue set of a tied up and distressed t-shirt and pants.

Leakes didn’t say anything in the caption except a web address to her Swagg Boutique website.

Nene Leakes

The post led to several less than impressed fans chiming in negatively about the ‘fits.

“Either the model’s outfit is too big or Nene’s outfit too small… they look like totally different outfits… cute though.”

Leakes swiftly gathered the first negative commenter by writing, “@joycediva40 that’s the whole point! Everybody isn’t shaped the same so u get to see what it looks like on 2 different body types.”

NeNe Leakes

But there was more where that user’s negativity came from.

“@joycediva40 way too small on her. Too big on the model. Looks like busted scrubs. But that’s how cheap clothes are made. Nice clothes are perfectly tailored to fit. You clearly understand this concept. It’s something that’s never changed in fashion n never will. Well, fit clothes shows the designer knows what they’re doing. Nene doesn’t have a clue and the fits are horrible. Her stuff is like a junkyard sale passing as new.”

“@kassieofficial agreed… this outfit look like scrubs. NeNe a trick. Never buy from her. She scams how much she charges.”

“@fashionnova has this but in way cuter styles! I’m wearing mine right now. Was $35 for the set. I have it in 5 colors! Don’t waste your money she doesn’t give a f— about her fans/clients/ anyone else. So done with NeNe Leakes and all her photoshopped ass photos. Don’t waste your money. And get the original cuter sets!!!”

Still, if no one else had Leake’s back over the hullabaloo, her pal and co-star Marlo Hampton did. She used emoji to share just how lit she thought the ‘fits were.

Marlo Hampton


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