Rasheeda Frost Under Attack for T-Shirt Comparing Black Women to God

Rasheeda Frost has fired up fans with a T-shirt likening Black women to God. The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star on Saturday uploaded a photo on Instagram wearing what was likely meant to be an uplifting piece of apparel.

“Black woman, you are a God,” the top read.

Frost clearly dug the message, writing in her caption on Aug. 11, “Come through T-Shirt….. Available at pressedatl.com 😘.”

Rasheeda Frost

Several fans liked it too, imploring the star about where to buy it and even sharing they also owned it or wanted it.

“I want that shirt.”

“Have to have this shirt!! Ahhh!!😩🙌🏾😍👌🏾❤️‼️”

“I have the SAME shirt on 😂.”

“Where did you get the shirt??”

However, many of those in the comments section did not appreciate the comparison.

“I won’t be getting this shirt I would never compare myself to God. I’m his child but I’m not him.”

“Chile AIN’T NOBODY GOD, BUT GOD. But you cute indeed. #DontGo2far.”

“Big, big mistake! I don’t know what she was thinking 😱.”

“You stepping on dangerous grounds with that shirt. There is only one God and He ain’t a woman.”

Regardless, the $42.50 shirt is currently sold out her website, but it does have some negative reviews claiming the design was stolen from clothing/empowerment brand BLKxLIGHT, which was launched by Jesse Jones in 2016.

“Crazy thing about this shirt is that I actually modeled it two years ago around Thanksgiving,” a reviewer said. “BUT it wasn’t from Rasheeda’s brand. It was from a small brand in the New Orleans area by the name of BlkxLight. This shirt idea was stolen from the brand owner without any permission or credit/recognition. That’s a whack move! Use your platform to help smaller business ventures get on. Don’t ‘create’ unoriginal ideas and pass them off as your own.”

Jones himself even chimed in on the reviews writing in part, “It’s disheartening knowing that the hard work I put in was taken with no regard whatsoever. I’ve produced and have been selling this shirt for almost two years. For someone who calls themself [sic] ‘da boss chick,’ I think this is the move of a complete flunky.”

Frost has yet to respond publicly to the controversy.

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