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Lil Kim Saves Her New Jersey Home from Foreclosure

Lil Kim has reason to celebrate. The Brooklyn rapper successfully saved her New Jersey mansion from foreclosure, at least for now.

After pleading with the New Jersey court, the judge over the rapper’s bankruptcy case denied one of her creditors the right to foreclose her home.

Lil KimPer documents obtained by The Blast, Kim must pay her creditors $32,297.41 which accounts for three missed payments in the amount of $10,155. The total also includes interest and legal fees.

Starting next month, the “Nasty One” singer will resume making her regular monthly payments. Kim was warned that if she misses another payment her creditor will have the right to foreclose and sell her home.

Kim has always maintained she’ll do what it takes to keep her home. She fought to change her bankruptcy from Chapter 13 to a Chapter 11 so that she can make payments. The Queen Bee currently owes creditors $4 million with over $1 million owed in back taxes.

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