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Wendy Williams Reveals the ‘Most Hurtful Advice’ She’s Ever Received Came from a Woman

Wendy Williams admitted that the worst advice she has ever received in the entertainment industry was from another woman.

Williams was asked the question during an interview with ABC. The famed talk show host replied, “It’s actually been from another woman. She calls me into her, after I do my shift, and she says, ‘Close the door. You know, we love you, you had great numbers in New York and that’s why we brought you here. But I don’t want you to turn into a dinosaur. What you did there, you can’t do that here.'” This advice was allegedly given to her after a week of being a radio show host.


Williams continued, “When she said that to me, I said, ‘Oh my gosh. What is going to become of me? I’m in a new city. I can only be me.’ So, I just put it in my head, ‘I’ll show her. I’ll show her.’ But that was the most hurtful piece of advice I’ve ever received. Let’s just say, she’s not Wendy. And never will be.”

The talk show host hasn’t been afraid to open up about other obstacles she’s faced while making a name for herself in the industry. Last month she revealed to Entertainment Tonight that was essentially a “functioning addict.” Williams said her cocaine habit. “I report to work on time, and I’d walk in and all my co-workers, including my bosses, would know but since I would have my headphones on and walk in the studio [they] wouldn’t fire me because I was making ratings.”

In an effort to help others, Williams launched the “Be Here” National Campaign alongside the Hunter Foundation. The initiative hopes to help users combat drug addiction and substance abuse.

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