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Soledad O’Brien Remains Unbothered As Conservatives Slam Her for Candace Owens Remark

Journalist Soledad O’Brien is standing her ground against conservatives who are running to the defense of Black conservative Candace Owens.

O’Brien tweeted a comment about Owens’ appearance after the conservative firebrand lost her cool during an on-air shouting match with Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson. During the discussion, Owens repeatedly shouted over host Ari Melber and refused to let Dyson get a word in edgewise. O’Brien dubbed the performance “a hot babbly mess” but applauded whoever did Owens’ eyeliner that day.

The tweet sparked swift backlash from conservatives who criticized O’Brien for going after conservatives women’s looks.

“The only hot babbly mess I see is a literal commentator making catty remarks about a conservative female. Petty much Soledad? And you wonder why no one takes you folks seriously,” one woman wrote.

“If I had a time for every time a liberal woman attacked a conservative woman’s appearance  … the obsession is weird,” writer Erielle Davidson tweeted.

Soledad O'Brien

Soledad O’Brien criticized Candace Owens’ on-air tirade but applauded her well-done eyeliner. (Images courtesy of Twitter)

Inez Stepman, a contributor for conservative magazine “The Federalist,” also chimed in, accusing the left of falsely advocating for women.

“Ivanka dresses too girly to be taken seriously,” she wrote. “Fox [News] gals are too blonde to have smart analysis. And now Candace Owens eyeliner is the only thing worth taking the time to note — but the left is the “pro-woman” side, amiright?”

Fellow Federalist writer Jesse Kelly called O’Brien’s remark “petty” and “catty.” Others from Owens’ fan base weighed in on the journalist’s “shrewish” comment and slammed her for caring more about looks than the actual issues.

“… Why do you engage in personal attacks if it’s her message you have a problem with?” one  woman Twitter user commented. “It looks bad when you don’t have a point of view or discernible difference of #opinion/ it’s high school. Viewers will decide who they like. What’s being advocated should be the focus.”

Despite the severe pushback with over 400 retweets and 3,000 plus comments, O’Brien has not only remained quiet but has refused to delete the tweet.

This isn’t the first time O’Brien has come for a prominent conservative woman. Earlier this month, she got into a social media tiff with “The View” co-host Meghan McCain, who she mocked for having a “total freak out” while trying to make her point on-air.

Soledad O'Brien

Twitter screenshot.

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