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Meghan McCain’s Twitter Battle with Soledad O’Brien Forces Fans to Choose Sides

Meghan McCain repeatedly talked over co-hosts of “The View” Tuesday as she tried to make her point about the downfalls of democratic socialism. Social media critics, including veteran journalist Soledad O’Brien, didn’t waste time sharing their opinions on McCain’s alleged full-on “freak out,” however.

McCain, a former Fox News contributor, butted heads with co-host Joy Behar over the “dangerous” idea of ceasing tax breaks for the wealthy and instead using that money to invest in improving social programs.

“The problem with socialism, in the words of Margaret Thatcher, at a certain point you run out of spending other people’s money,” said McCain, rolling her neck and wagging a finger. ” … Name one country where socialism have ever worked? Every Democratic socialist going on TV saying that it’s good needs to start paying 90 percent in taxes.”

“It’s dangerous! Dangerous!” she shouted. “It’s petrifying to me that this is being normalized.”

It wasn’t long before online critics blasted McCain for her on-air meltdown. “The View” co-host and journalist O’Brien got into a Twitter spat of their own, however, when the latter accused tweeted “Total Freak Out” referencing McCain.

McCain didn’t take too kindly to the criticism and fired back, tweeting, “haters gonna hate.” She later told O’Brien to “get a life” and stood her ground on being “passionate” about not wanting her grandchildren to grow up in a socialist nation.

“Hi @MeghanMcCain! I have a (busy!) life — four kids, run a small business, anchor some TV shows, been an award winning journalist for a minute (not to brag),” the news anchor wrote back. “Watch you’re video. You were having a full-fledged freak out. It undermined your argument. You should work on that.”

Fans were split on the debate, with some siding with McCain while others backed O’Brien.

“But you can’t take my parents money from me and spend it on poor people! Socialism is the worst. – pouty @Meghan McCain,” one user wrote, followed by several laughing emojis.”

“Somehow it is just shocking to conservatives that everyone is a human being of inherent worth, and therefore should have affordable, accessible, decent health care,” wrote another. “The lack of basic compassion on Megan’s part is horrifying.”

Others questioned whether McCain knew the difference between a purely socialist country and a social democracy.

“Excuse me young lady. Are you sure you know what Socialism is? It’s not Communism,” one user explained. “Democratic Socialism isn’t very different than the system we have lived under since the 1930’s. We already have Social programs and have for decades. Are you against Social Security or Medicare?”

McCain’s fans stood by her, however, and took the time to point out O’Brien used the wrong “your.”

Watch more in the clip below.


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