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Rasheeda Frost Gets Emotional After Her Son Karter Reaches Major Milestone

Every mother gets a little heartbroken after sending their children off to school for the first time and for Rasheeda Frost is was a bittersweet moment.

The mother of two shared a photo of her 4-year-old Karter Frost heading off to kindergarten. He was draped in the cutest little outfit. He wore khaki pants, a white t-shirt and a Louis Vuitton denim jacket. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost‘s youngest boy was all set for his first day at school with his backpack strapped and lunch bag secured.

Karter Frost

(Rasheeda Instagram)

“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star wrote on Instagram Tuesday afternoon, “And just like that it’s Karter’s first day of kindergarten I can’t believe it😩😩😢😭😂😭 I have separation anxiety! 😳.”

Other mothers chimed in to offer Rasheeda support and gushed over how darling Karter looked.

One Instagram user gave the “Pressed” owner a few words of encouragement and said, “Karter is growing up right before our eyes! He’s gonna be just fine.”

Another fan of Rasheeda’s added, “Dang already time is flying.. He’s going to be ok luv.”

“I just love this Kiddo I can’t believe it so I can only imagine you the Mommy!”

“He’ll do good Momma! Don’t worry bout little man! Aww they grow up so fast.”

One fan sent positive vibes towards the mother of two, “My my my where has the time went. They grown up so fast on us! He will have an awesome 1st day and the rest of the year.”

Rasheeda posted a second photo of Karter giving his big brother Ky Frost a hug right before heading out of the door to school. One fan added, “I juss love ur boys bond…I pray mines have dat same bond wit each otha….Go Karter.👏”

Kirk and Rasheeda welcomed their 4-year-old into the world in August 2013. It’s safe to say that Karter and his mom are pretty much inseparable.

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