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Eric Benét Blames White Supremacy for the Way Some Rappers Behave, Not Everyone Buys It

Eric Benét has a message for some of today’s rap stars. The singer posted what he referred to as an “inconvenient truth” on Sunday, Aug. 5 and it spawned heavy support online.

“Rap artist, if all you rap about is: killing Black people, degrading Black women, abusing drugs, materialization, living a low life, you are not an artist. You are a Black face for white supremacy. You are being used to help DESTROY your own people,” the post read.

Eric Benét

Benét, who didn’t call out any rappers by name, added in the caption that it was an “inconvenient truth to some of the rich and famous.”

Swiftly, fans began giving their thoughts on the post.

“Heavy statement. Unfortunately, there is some truth to it!”

“@ericbenet Lately rappers do interviews stating that they don’t like Black girls the girl has to be white or Hispanic because dark skin is ugly. Look it up for yourself!! These rappers are degenerates!”

“@ericbenet bro you never lied … #respect #truthtopower ✊🏾‼️🔥.”

“Damn… whoever created this meme just described Future to a T! I mean he literally has a song called low life!!! @ericbenet.”

However, some weren’t feeling the message.

“Damn I used to love growing up listening to Mr. Benét. Now I see him adding the white man to this post that was actually making sense up until he mentioned white supremacy. What has the white man got to do with the disgusting lyrics of these rap songs? You get a 👎🏼 for this post dude.”

“White people can’t make someone rap about that…it’s a choice. Disagree!!!”

“Hmmmmm I think that’s not fair @ericbenet and you know I love you! But it’s kind of reverse racism .. I mean shouldn’t that just say supremacy full stop!!! Supremacy comes in all shapes, sizes and colors… 🙄 that said all the points above that point I agree with.”


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