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Is ‘Married to Medicine’ Simone and Cecil Whitmore’s Marriage on the Rocks?

“Married to Medicine” viewers witnessed Dr. Simone and her husband Cecil Whitmore bumping heads during season 5 of the reality show, but fans wanted to know if the pair were still together.

The new trailer just dropped for season 6 of the Bravo reality show and it looks like the couple was undergoing relationship trouble. Dr. Simone was seen sitting across from Cecil at a restaurant and confronted him about have dinner with another woman. She then stormed out of the dining area and said, ” I can’t do it with you anymore.”

Simone made a public announcement in January that she was filing for divorce after 21 years of marriage with her husband. However, the pair decided to halt the divorce papers and work on repairing their relationship.

Simone Whitmore

(photo credit: Dr. Simone Instagram)

“We agreed we would get in counseling and stay in counseling to see if we could work it out,” the mother of two told People Magazine. “For me, I’m not going back to the way it was… “Neither one of us were happy. So we can’t go back to the old dysfunctional relationship that we had. I won’t do it. We’re trying to establish something new — something better — that’s fulfilling for both of us where we are both feeling love and enjoying one another’s company.”

The couple celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary in May. Cecil shared a throwback photo of he and his wife in Jamaica for their 5th anniversary. He wrote, “We made it.” The 50-year-old also shouted her husband in an Instagram post and gushed, “Happy 22nd Anniversary [Cecil Whit]! Never would have made it without God’s blessings! #endlesslove.”

The pair seemed to still be working some kinks out in their marriage. Doctor Simone said during one scene of the new season, “He’s still stubborn with a capital S, I’m still stubborn with a tiny s, but we are trying to make it work.”

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