Niecy Nash’s Post on ‘Black Excellence’ Takes a Turn for the Funny After Sherri Shepherd’s Child Support Joke

Comedian Sherri Shepherd keeps the jokes rolling and fans were in stitches after her latest comment.

“Claws” actress Niecy Nash posted a list of good deeds that Black celebrities have accomplished within the last few months. She wrote on Instagram Tuesday afternoon, “Jay released the Trayvon documentary… Beyoncé is taking over Vogue… LeBron opened up a school in his hometown… Zendaya, Lena and Kid Fury all announced new projects… Barack is eating all the cupcakes.”

Nash also took the time to shout out her social media followers and other Black folks making major moves in life. She added, “Black excellence is out of control and I love it!!! S/0 your folks in the comments who are doing big things! 🙌🏽.”

Many of the 48-year-old’s fans listed their accolades or upcoming business ventures in the comment section. Shepherd, on the other hand, wrote, “I paid child support on time!!”

Fans were in stitches from the comedian’s remark and couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Best comment yet😂,” one person wrote.

“Oh man I just spit out my drink 😂,” another added.

“I’m not fooling with you today @[SherrieShepherd].”

“I’m done Queen😂.”

An Instagram follower added, “Haha, send the next one in unrolled pennies. If he wants it he’ll need to work for it.”

Shepherd was ordered to pay child support to both of her ex-husbands Lamar Sally and Jeff Tarpley for her children. The actress shares a surrogate son with Sally and was ordered to pay $4,100 a month in child support. She tweeted, “For the record… I always offered to financially care for my ex-husband’s son. What he was demanding was not fair & allowed him to not work.”

The actress was also ordered by the court to pay her ex-husband Tarpley $131.00 a month for their 12-year-old son Jeffrey. He also returned to court to ask for an increase.

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