Malaysia Pargo’s Advice to People In Empty Relationships Has Fans Cracking Up

Malaysia Pargo has a word of advice for someone out there in an unfulfilling relationship and fans want to know who it’s dedicated to.

The “Basketball Wives” star on Sunday posted a memo from Spiritual Word that read, “I don’t know who this is for but God told me to tell 🗣 you to PUT THAT N—A OUT!!!!”

“He gotta Go sis 😩😎…..” Pargo captioned the image.

Malaysia Pargo

Fans eagerly began wondering who she could be referring to.

“Harpo….who dattt wo’mann?”

“It applies to somebody🤣.”

Some simply found the meme hilarious.

“bihh I’m 💀😭😭😭😭😭😭”

“I’m cracking tf up.”

“I’m so mad 😭😭😭 not put him out 😂.”

And others felt the message was aimed directly at them.

“Omg this was for me… you don’t know what this meant to me wow I’m shock[ed]. I just tapped my Instagram and it was on explore part and this the first hung I saw.”

“Amen! That is me.”

“This was right on time sis!”

“Ayyyyy I’m not gone argue with u on this 1. I just need u 2 send me a gift that sticks 2 da wall so I [know] its real and I ain’t settlin’ 4 less no more 😀😀😰🙋.”

Pargo’s relatively light-hearted message came ahead of an emotional “Basketball Wives” episode that aired Monday night. In it, she expressed her anxiety about having to have “the talk” with her son Jannero Pargo Jr. and how he interacts with police.

On top of publicized incidents of police brutality, Pargo was grappling with the 2013 fatal shooting death of her younger brother, who police fired upon after believing he was reaching for a weapon.

“I get mad at myself because I should have went and got him but I didn’t want to drive to Riverside, [Calif.] and because I was being lazy — and I should have went and got my brother — I would probably still have him here,” Pargo said tearfully.

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