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Steve Harvey Hilariously Teaches Wife Marjorie to Smoke Cigar, Fans Fawn Over His New Beard

Steve Harvey is giving his followers a rare glimpse into his life with wife Marjorie Harvey, who had her first cigar-smoking experience. Although fans found the video adorable, they couldn’t stop gawking over Harvey’s atypical facial accessory: a salt and pepper beard.

“Alright, this is Marjorie’s first attempt at cigar smoking,” Steve tells viewers in his Monday, July 30 video. “I tried to win her over. It’s not gon’ work, this is so temporary. This girl not gon do this right here. This is not what she do. This is just ’cause she know y’all watching …I ain’t even wanna show it to you.”

Steve Harvey

Credit: Steve Harvey Instagram

Steve then joined his wife about a “little piece of smoke” she blew out, which he said, “wouldn’t affect a fly.”

“Do y’all see it?” Marjorie asks viewers for herself.

As she continues to blow the smoke, her husband asks for the cigar to show her how he does it. The two then have a playful spat about Marjorie blowing smoke in Steve’s face while the talk show host pointed out she didn’t want the smoke in her’s.

“Alright, that’s it. No more,” he says in conclusion. “No more insights into our world, it’s off.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the adorable moment between the spouses.

“Beautiful wow she smoked one with you awesome.”

“Y’all CUTE!! #blacklove.”

“🤣🤣 Aunt Marjorie let Uncle Steve handle the cigars. 🤣🤣.”

“She just enjoying u Unk @iamsteveharveytv #we understand @marjorie_harvey just playing around #all we have is the moment #make every moment count #favorite couple.”

They also couldn’t help but notice Harvey’s beard, which he’s grown out during the duo’s Italian vacay while he’s off the air for the season.

“I love the salt and pepper beard 😍.”

“This beard is EVERYTHING.”

“That gray beard is 🔥🔥.”


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