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Fans Jump to Defend Joseline Hernandez After Critics Accuse Her of Practicing ‘Voodoo’

“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” former reality star Joseline Hernandez was slammed by social media followers for her religious beliefs and fans came to the artist’s rescue.

Hernandez shared a picture of she and her one-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella posing in front of two statues and captioned the photo, “Una hija de Changó Al lado De Las Mercedes” which translates into “The daughter of Shango.”

Fans flooded the reality star’s comment section and accused her of being a Satan worshiper, claimed she practiced voodoo and deemed her as “evil.” One person wrote, “You hooked on that voodoo s**t. Don’t send yourself to Hell.” However, fans came to Hernandez’s defense and said “it’s crazy how lost people truly are.”

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Joseline Instagram)

One person added, “If you don’t know about the religion please don’t comment.”

Another fan wrote, “The ignorance of some people in this world downgrading different diversity of cultures and languages is very sad.”

“Why do you call her evil? Do you know her ? Ur more evil than her to judge her over a comment. Agree to disagree but to judge someone n call them evil for a simple comment is beyond sickening,” a fan exclaimed.

One Instagram user added, “What’s comical is that you are very blind and refuse to see things for how and what they are. Read and research some more before you attempt to condescend somebody. You know nothing about religion(s), their roots, and origins.”

The “Puerto Rican Princess” shared a video of herself working out on Monday and getting into tip-top shape for her new We TV reality show “Joseline Takes Miami.” Hernandez wrote on Instagram, “Getting ready! Things are in pre-production!
My new project with [We TV] will start filming in a few weeks! I could not be more excited 😜 Until that date I have to get my body back right. Especially after this weekend!”

The star’s reality show will highlight her single motherhood and business moves in South Beach, Florida.

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