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Fans Fawn Over Tami Roman’s New Hair and Makeup

Basketball Wives of L.A.” reality star Tami Roman stunned fans with her new ginger hairstyle and super glam look.

Roman recently received a lot of backlash and hate on her appearance following her dramatic weight loss. However, the stand-up comedian silenced critics when she shared a “gorgeous” photo of herself on Instagram Thursday.

The star was rocking long ginger tresses with a subtle gold eye look. She also wore a nude lip to compliment her makeup beat. Roman wished her friend a happy birthday and captioned the picture, “Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [Star 4 makeup] my sister/friend forevvva! Listen Linda my ass be wore the hell out, you see dem #bonnetchronicles videos 🤦🏽‍♀️ and she always pulls auntie together, makes me look & feel beautiful! I hope you have an amazing day sis.”

Tami Roman

(photo credit: Tami Instagram)

Fans were in awe of Roman’s new look and complimented the reality star.

“[Tami Roman] you are so beautiful 😍,” one fan wrote.

“I don’t know how I forget [Tami Roman ]has beautiful moss green eyes sometimes 🤷🏽‍♀️💯💕 that liner has them poppin,” another added.

“Yess Mrs. Tami…always giving life.”

“You living you best life Su’s!! I love it!!”

One fan wrote, “You look good with or without makeup. You have the most beautiful eyes! God Bless!”

Naysayers have slammed Roman on her slimmer frame and said she looked “unhealthy.” Some even went as far as to call her a crackhead. The comments negatively affected the star.

The mother of two responded to a person in her comment section who called her a “stone cracked head” and wrote, “There’s not a day that goes by where comments like this [don’t] hurt my feelings. I do have them, you know. I wish I could change my health situation and eat how I want to but I can’t. These types of comments depress me but I’m praying for strength and healing. I hope you and all who are joining feel good about the negativity you spew.”

Roman recently opened up about her weight loss and her struggle with diabetes.

“I didn’t lose weight, I lost my willingness to die. DIABETES IS NO JOKE!,” she exclaimed. “I detox, suppress my appetite and make better food choices. So enjoy yourself laughing, leaving negative comments & calling me a ‘crackhead’.”

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