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Tiny Harris and T.I Reportedly Planning a Huge Event to Celebrate Their 8th Wedding Anniversary

Singer Tiny Harris and her husband rapper T.I are planning to do it big for their 8 year wedding anniversary despite their recent marital woes.

According to Hollywood Life, the singer had plans to renew her vows with her hubby but the cheating scandal surrounding actress Asia’h Epperson put a halt to those plans. However, the couple is back on course and are reportedly planning a huge party celebrating 8 years together – through thick and thin. “Tiny stopped talking about any sort of vow renewal and started talking about divorcing him,” a family friend told Hollywood life.

Tiny Harris and T.IIn recent weeks T.I. and Tiny have publicly reconciled with major PDA plus the rapper showering his wife with expensive gifts for her birthday. “T.I. is very much back in Tiny’s bed, they’ve been reconnecting in a big way. They both admit that the drama’s a turn on for them, heck it might even be the secret to keeping things so hot all these years. They are both still very much in love and planning to stay together, but I haven’t heard about any vow renewal plans,” the friend said.

The source insisted that a party is definitely happening while the vow renewal may happen as a surprise. “There is a big party in the works to celebrate their wedding anniversary. There’s nothing to stop them from turning that into a vow renewal, they might just surprise everyone.” The source continued, “Either way they plan to mark their 8 year wedding anniversary with a major celebration. They want to do something special to celebrate surviving all these years. They’re eight years married now, that’s big. Their love story and romance is still alive and they’re dedicated and committed to each other, that’s definitely something to celebrate.”

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