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Steve Harvey’s Throwback Video About Being ‘Poor’ Has Fans Doubled Over In Laughter

Steve Harvey has a Throwback Thursday comedy clip that’s left fans laughing out loud.

In a video from his 1997 comedy special on HBO called “Steve Harvey: One Man,” the comedian dishes on being broke and appreciating free things.

“I’m 38-years-old, I been po’ 36 of them years,” he says to laughter from the crowd. “I ain’t lying. I just got some money [the] summer before last. I’m so glad to have money I don’t know what to do. That po’ was wearing my ass out.”

He went on to explain that being “po'” creates a special meaning for free things — like “gov’ment cheese” that money-having folks won’t understand.

“I done been in the line for some cheese. I’ll be in the line all day!” he says.

“My first HBO half-hour special shot in Dallas, Texas,” Harvey said in the description of his debut on the premium cable network. “Young man was developing a skill set.”

Fans were laughing like crazy at the jokes a younger Harvey dished out.

“When you’re so poor you’re poh.”


“hhhaaa, ha, ha,ha haaaa ha ha hah! HE SAID GOVAMINT CHEESE! HAhahahahahahahah! ooh Sh!# that was funny!”

“LoL 😀 😀😀 😀😀 😀😀 😀💪 💯…. THIS ain’t no [Velveeta] lol 😀 😀💪 💯.”

It’s one of the newest clips Harvey posted on his YouTube page. Earlier this week, the talk show host gave his followers some advice on coping with haters

“Do not stop for haters, just keep going,” he says on his “Brain Drops” segment on YouTube. “Don’t stop going forward for something that has no bearing on where you’re headed. They have no power unless you allow them.”

Fans had just as much praise for him then as they did for his blossoming comedy skills back in the day.

“All truth speaking.”

“You right, haters make me stronger.”

“I love these new videos!! Thanks, Steve I needed this exactly today! 😄👍👏.”

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