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Shereé Whitfield Explains Why She Ditched the ‘She By Shereé’ Line In Favor of Lifestyle Brand

With all of the ups and downs of Shereé Whitfield’s She By Shereé clothing line throughout the years, the formerReal Housewives of Atlanta” star has decided to give the entire line a complete overhaul.

During an Instagram Story Q&A Monday, Whitfield confirmed she’s still on track to launch her lifestyle clothing line, which is now the kinds of apparel She By Shereé will showcase.

“What inspired you to change She By Shereé to lifestyle clothing?” a commenter asked.

It’s current and people want to be comfortable but still fashionable! Totally my style! #SBS,” Whitfield responded.

Shereé Whitfield

Th designer also affirmed that the line, which will be filled with joggers, is still on track to drop in September for the spring/summer.

Shereé Whitfield

The latter was a reference to Whitfield seeming to trip over her words when Andy Cohen asked her about when viewers can expect to see SBS’s debut.

“Probably more September, that is spring, summer. September show — spring, summer,” she stuttered at the RHOA reunion after noting the line will focus on a more athleisure kind of aesthetic.

“Joggers, it’s more lifestyle. I said I’m doing joggers. Lifestyle, athletic, yeah, lifestyle,” she said.

Whitfield later got clowned for the statement by co-star NeNe Leakes who bragged about her new Swag Boutique location opening in Miami.

“SWAGGALICIOUS opening soon on the beach can you guess where this location is? #UnderContruction #lifeofNeNe #JoggersComingSoon God’s plan,” Leakes posted on Instagram back in June.

Since then, Whitfield has affirmed that the joggers line is indeed coming out “on time” in two months.

Meanwhile, fans have been poking fun at the delay with the brand.

“She By Sheree debuted 10 years ago. And now, joggers. September, summer, spring. 😩😂.”

“Us waiting for She by Sheree in September cause it’s spring apparently… #RHOA.”

I’m saying! The She by Sheree shade was extra hilarious this season! He’s gonna be looking for some joggers come spring/summer/September 🤣”

She By Shereé hasn’t been without its troubles. When she first developed the brand on RHOA season 2, she found the fashion line’s launch had to continuously be delayed. And even though a runway show finally took place, the line has since gone through various iterations, including a pop-up shop collaboration with Nordstrom, which sold a commemorative, “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo” tee shirt.

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