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People Interviewed for JAY-Z’s Documentary On Trayvon Martin Scared of George Zimmerman

The people who participated in JAY-Z’s documentary on Trayvon Martin’s death are scared that George Zimmerman will come after them.

At the moment, Zimmerman is facing misdemeanor stalking charges after he allegedly harassed Private Investigator Dennis Warren, who gathered people for the project.

George Zimmerman Has Participants Scared

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According to The Blast, Zimmerman sent Warren 67 text messages, 27 emails, called him 55 times and left 36 voicemails. He’s pled not guilty to the charge.

In addition, Warren has been subpoenaed to give Zimmerman all of the information he used to find people for the documentary, including emails, which would reveal personal information.

Warren rejected the subpoena and said complying would risk the participants’ safety. Plus, he claimed some of the people have been victims of Zimmerman, which is why they fear him.

“They do not want him to know what they said about him or have any contact with him,” explained Warren.

Furthermore, the private investigator said he signed a non-disclosure agreement with the production company behind the documentary, and he couldn’t release any information without their say-so.  

Meanwhile, the release of the project, “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” will hit TV screens on July 30 on the Paramount Network. It’s based on two separate books “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin,” by Trayvon’s parents and “Suspicion Nation” written by attorney Lisa Bloom.

During the making of the documentary, Zimmerman threatened JAY-Z after he claimed a production team went to his parents and uncle’s house to film them.

“Anyone who f—s with my parents will be fed to an alligator. I know how to handle people who f–k with me. I have since February 2012,” he said, referencing Trayvon’s death.

Then on Drake’s new album “Scorpion,” Jay shot back and criticized young people for killing the rapper XXXTentacion but doing nothing about Zimmerman.

“Y’all killed X, let Zimmerman live, streets is done,” he rapped.

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