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‘LHHH’ Fans Blast Sonja Norwood for Coddling Ray J. Amid Cheating Allegations

“Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” viewers were highly annoyed by Sonja Norwood, the mother of singers Ray J. and Brandy Norwood. Fans slammed the overprotective mother for babying Ray J. and overstepping her boundaries in his marriage with wife Princess Love.

Love accused the “One Wish” singer of cheating on her, several months ago, with different women and staying out late. The reality star slammed her husband on social media and Sonja was disappointed, to say the least.

“No wife should take their business and put it out on social media when you don’t have the facts. It is character assassination… You are trying to build a brand, you don’t need a ‘wife’ out there starting stuff,” Sonja said to Ray J. about her daughter-in-law’s behavior.

“LHHH” viewers slammed Sonja for enabling her son and not letting him “grow up.”

“Women like Sonja are the reason why half of these men are out here refusing to be men. They have their moms enabling them& encouraging bad behavior. It’s disgusting,” one fan said.

Another wrote, “Dear Mother’s. ..can y’all please let y’all grown ass sons grow up and be men..hes married nah..back up..please.”

“His mom is #Delusional & he cheat bcuz he know his family will always have his back! Princess will leave him when she really gets tired of it all,” one fan wrote

In January, Ray J.reportedly was in Las Vegas handling business when he posted a video of himself in his hotel room.  Fans spotted a woman wearing a red robe in the background. However, he said the woman was there with one of his friends and not him.

Love deleted Ray J.’s pictures off of her social media account and posted a meme on Instagram that read, “The problem is women think he will change, he won’t. And men make the mistake of thinking she will never leave, she will.”  She captioned the post, “Keep foolin the world but you can’t fool me anymore.” Love moved out of their house for several days after this spat.

However, the couple worked through their problems and reconciled days later. The pair recently gave birth to their baby girl Melody Love in May.

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