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‘LHHATL’ Star Tommie Lee Issues Apology After Brutal Clap Back

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” breakout star Tommie Lee‘s clap-back at a fan went all the way left.

The rapper posted a photo of herself on Instagram posing on vacation. One of Lee’s social media followers commented on the picture and slammed the star for her prior aggressive behavior.

The person typed, “Hope you’ve learned to act more professional instead [of] throwing tantrums.” Lee fired back, “Suck my d**k while having a seizure.”

People began bashing the star for her comment and said she offended those who battle with seizures and epilepsy.

One person wrote, “As a mother of a child with epilepsy I’m offended.”

Another said, “I have 2 types of epilepsy and it’s not fun having a grand mal seizure 🤨.”

“Woooww that’s just too damn far.”

“I was all for it until I saw seizure .. my mama has those and now I’m upset.”

One person wrote, “You live in a dark painful place. That’s low. Sometimes the best response is not to respond smh. I don’t know why but young girls look up to you.”

Lee caught wind of the backlash and offered an apology on Instagram to those she offended. She wrote, “My apologies to anyone with epilepsy it was not my intention to offend anyone other than the person who responded forgive me… Just wasn’t in the mood.”

The reality star has a history of explosive behavior. Lee was recently suspended from filming on the set of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” for physically and verbally assaulting the staff. Many of VH1 staff members said they felt threatened and weren’t comfortable taping with her. The star returned back on set after she sat down with a substance abuse specialist. Lee said she’s currently working on changing for the better.

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