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‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Call Out the Cast for Targeting Tami Roman Over the Years

While “Basketball Wives” didn’t air a new episode Monday night, it did feature a countdown of the biggest faceoffs between Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada. As the clip showed the duo’s clashes, it also revealed how much Roman was targeted by other ladies.

Roman joined VH1 show’s second season in 2010 and not long after, Jennifer Williams began making jokes about food stamps. The issue was executive producer and co-star Shaunie O’Neal had given the group a heads up about Roman, who had received food stamps before.

Tami Roman

(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)

In another more recent case, during the series’ season seven premiere, Lozada made fun of Roman’s walk, saying she walks like an old lady and needs a cane. Roman tearfully explained to Jackie Christie later on that her diabetic nerve pain causes her to step differently.

Such incidents led Twitter users to call out how biased the cast was against Roman from the start. And the special shed light on how poorly the “Bonnet Chronicles” creator has been treated.

“Like I said, they didn’t like Tami from Day 1 for no reason. And Shaunie didn’t say a word to defend her ‘friend’ #BasketballWives.”

“Nahh fr fr…serious question….if you were friends with Tami, why did you introduce her to the girls like that and basically fish for some negative s— for them to say when she went to the restroom?? @ShaunieONeal Asking for myself…. #BasketballWives.”

“Welp I guess if the point of tonight’s episode was to make Tami look bad it was a miserable failure. Tami looks like a woman that tried to be friends with Shaunie and Ev but they look like mean girls. And Ev look like a hoodrat anywoo #BasketballWives.”

“This special vindicated Tami. These women have always treated her like she was beneath them. It wasn’t until Tami became a fan fave that they started to tolerate her #BasketballWives #BBWLA.”


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