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Kenya Moore Shares ‘Crazy’ Pregnancy Dreams and Gets Support from RHOP’s Monique Samuels

Kenya Moore continues to share her experiences with her first pregnancy at age 47 and this time, it’s all about her dreams.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star tweeted about the nighttime thoughts on Saturday, July 21.

“Crazy nightmares last night. They say it’s a part of pregnancy! Usually, you forget them but these are still on my mind!” she said.

Luckily, Moore had some support from fellow Bravo reality star Monique Samuels of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Already a mother of two young kids, she’s currently pregnant again.

“My pregnancy dreams consist of me and Hubby having sex in public. 🤷🏽‍♀️😂🤣 So weird. Don’t let it get to you! You and baby will be fine and healthy 🙏🏽🙌🏾,” she said.

Kenya Moore

And other Twitter users offered up their pieces of advice for Moore, too.

“My grandmother always says don’t tell them before breakfast or they’ll come true!”

“Bind that up in the name of Jesus. Speak no negative things.”

“I think it’s our body’s way of honing our sense of danger. All in preparation for looking after a little one. You prevailed. You ready Mama?”

“Light a candle in your living room and bedroom for a couple of hours each day and don’t leave them unattended. Keep praying and being repentant. Confess your sins and pray for peace and discernment. Speak your hopes into existence. Glory to God.”

This isn’t the first time Moore has shared her experiences of being pregnant. Moore also opened up about the effects pregnancy has had on her — including an expanding bra size and glowing skin.

“#BabyDaly is growing! I’m feeling much better now and baby is giving me amazing skin and I’m not having crazy cravings,” she posted on Instagram earlier this month. “Actually, I’m eating less [because] baby is moving up. So far all the tests and ultrasounds say baby is healthy! Thank God. Please continue to pray for our family! #miraclebaby #weloveyou #itsnevertoolate #GodsSpeed #ThatsMrsDalyToYou #babybump #ThankYouJehovah #IVF.”

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