Jennifer Williams Threatens to Block Fans After Posting Photo with Best Friend Who’s Not Evelyn Lozada

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams is under fire from fans after wishing one of her best friends — who is not Evelyn Lozada — a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to my best friend @blessbetrue! I hope your day is awesome because you are one of the most awesome people I know. I am blessed to have you, [you’re] beautiful, your heart is pure and you are the L in loyal. If it wasn’t for you, I would not be on this L.A. journey. Thanks for always having my back and being my rider. Love you for life.. ❤ #ThisIsReal.”

Jennifer Williams
It was clear the message was appreciated by Williams’ pal, as she posted a lengthy response in gratitude for the birthday post.

“Jennifer ❤ Not even sure where to start. True and real friendships are rare to find through this crazy journey in life. Some stay & some do not. I knew our friendship would only get stronger throughout the years and I feel INCREDIBLY blessed for that. These strangers, IG followers, haters, etc.. do NOT know the REAL Jennifer. You are a gift from God 🙇‍♀️Thank you for your loyalty, your love, our red wine couch talks, our belly laughs, our trips to the mall buying s— we clearly don’t need 🙈 and for being one of my BEST friends. Love you pretty lady…Always! ❤❤❤.”

jennifer williams

However, Williams’ message had fans questioning her friendship with her VH1 reality show co-star Lozada. That devolved into talk of how scripted the show is.

“I thought Evelyn was your BFF?”

“I thought @evelynlozada was your best friend. Y’all be having too many best friends. That’s why drama always lurking.”

“You bring your business on TV  then nobody can have a f—–‘ opinion! What you did was wrong to Evelyn and Shaunie!”

“@khadijahnazmeen4real Evelyn is her TV best friend. 😂”

“@sheilakelly6161 it’s a show, reality TV, which means some things (majority) are scripted love😕.”

“@cecelia2454 thank you, people act like they can’t understand that majority of this s—she does is scripted.”

Williams wasn’t feeling the negativity and instantly hit back at commenters.

“If you leave any negative comments on this post, you will get blocked. This is my real life and not some reality tv BS!” she said.

Jennifer Williams

Williams and Lozada had been best friends early on in the “Basketball Wives” series but things imploded when a blog Williams wrote questioning how Lozada could say she chases the same kinds of men led to the relationship’s demise in season four. The pair later patched things up, however, during season six.

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