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Stevie J Reportedly Proposed to Joseline Hernandez a Month Before Marrying Faith Evans

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Photo via Getty Images and Stevie J. Instagram)

“Danger Zone” music producer Stevie J. and R&B singer Faith Evans almost broke the Internet with news of their marriage on Wednesday. The couple’s sudden union shocked everyone including former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” took to social media to congratulate Evans and Stevie J. in the shadiest post ever. She shared a screenshot of a text message conversation she had with Stevie J.’s and the music producer apparently asked Hernandez to “marry” him in June. She replied, “I’m actually trying to marry someone else I really like. I’m sorry. I tried it with you. I’m liking some one else a lot.”

The Latin artist saved Stevie J.’s phone number under the name “A**hole.” Hernandez wrote the caption, “Happy honey moon 😂 Petty Wednesday.”

Fans joined in under the comment section and accused Hernandez of being bitter.

“Somebody Hand That Man An Umbrella Cuz She’s Got More Salt Than The Morton’s Salt,” a fan wrote.

“Sounds like ur jealous Joseline. Hilarious,” another added.

“She looks stupid and bitter,” one person said.

Hernandez later deleted her “petty” post.

Stevie J. and Evans reportedly applied for a marriage license on Tuesday evening in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were witnesses there to confirm their union. The couple even confessed their “love” to one another on Twitter a few hours later.

The pair have been knowing each other since the 90’s and dated after Stevie J. split with Hernandez. However, they broke up in March 2017 and stayed friends.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” and the “Hitman” share one-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella together. Hernandez and Stevie were off-and-on for years before finally calling it quits in 2016. The two lied about getting married during “LHHATL” season five. Court documents confirmed that the two never legally married.

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