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‘LHHATL’ Sierra Gates Goes on a Full Rant After Fans Blast Her for Getting Back with BK

Glamshop CEO and “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Sierra Gates went on a social media rant Wednesday and responded to naysayers for critiquing her relationship with boyfriend BK Brasco.

Viewers witnessed Brasco dating several women throughout season 7. He allegedly dated former cast-mates Amber Priddy and eyebrow stylist Joy. In the midst of “LHHATL”‘s reunion on Monday evening BK was caught on camera feeling on the eyebrow stylist in a hotel room. Gates was caught off guard with the video footage and told the New York rapper, “You gots to slow down brother.”

However, fans blasted the hairstylist for being “blind” to Brasco’s “cheating” ways and said she went from one “toxic” relationship to another.

“Sierra is soooooo Dingy to me! Like is she missing some screws,” one person said.

“That’s is soooo embarrassing like she is a great woman and she young beautiful independent business woman like why would they air stuff like that to make her look crazy,” another added.

“Chhhyyyy Sierra went from 1 cheater to the next… You gon learn Lil mama you gon learn,” one person wrote.

Gates clapped back at fans during an Instagram Live story and said, “Stop judging us because we ain’t judging ya’ll,” she said. “He didn’t cheat on me because we wasn’t even together yet… And yes I said he’s my best friend and he’s my man, let’s get that clear now.”

LHHA Star Sierra has had it with fans judging her relationship. #LHHA

Posted by Atlanta Black Star Entertainment on Thursday, July 19, 2018

The “Glamshop” CEO also wrote on Instagram, “When I say ‘Bestfriend’ I’m not trying to downplay my relationship. With “BK” You can be in a relationship for years and it’s hopeless because your not with your bestfriend. (trust me) My bestfriend have me crying laughing everyday, he pushes me in the gym, encourage me to be my best in everything I do,” she continued. “We just can’t separate. Trust me we tried. My bestfriend have many flaws. And if my bestfriend don’t get them right, he’ll be dancing at my wedding.”

Gates officially divorced her ex-husband Rod Gates in April after seven years of marriage. Rod was caught cheating with her assistant Moriah. The two share 7-year-old son Mason and have joint physical custody. Sierra moved on from her ex and began dating BK in 2017.

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