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‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Bambi Benson Shares Radiant Baby Bump Photo

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘ star Bambi Benson posted a new radiant picture of her growing baby bump and fans instantly fell in love with the photo. Benson is ready for the arrival of the baby she is going to have with rapper Lil Scrappy.

“@erika_lapearl_mua came to make me feel a little shimmery today 😍😘💙,” Benson wrote appearing to focus on her makeup and the bronze on her baby bump.

“I love you girl…you just so beautiful. .keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you.”

“Every time I see you post a pic of your belly I get so excited and it helps me stay positive.. I remember when you was pregnant on the show and you had a miscarriage..sharing such intimate parts of your life with the world like that… and that recently happened to me and it was so devastating for me…now to see you so far along .is amazing… I just recently found out I’m pregnant again and I’m praying to God everyday I make it through my full pregnancy of my first born child.. and it definitely brings comfort knowing is possible to still conceive and carry through… 😘@adizthebam”

“You’re beautiful baby, God bless you and your husband, and tell him to be careful.”

“Looking good so very happy for the two of you”

This is the couple’s first child today. In May they had a beautiful gender reveal party where they announced they’re expecting a baby boy.

“I cannot believe we are having a boyyyy!!!! Thank you, God. I’ve never seen my husband sooooo happy!”

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