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‘LHHATL’ Tokyo Vanity Lights Up Wendy Williams for Weight Comment ‘Stay Off the Powder’

“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” darling Tokyo Vanity ruthlessly dragged Wendy Williams for calling her “portly.”

The controversial host discussed the reality star’s virginity during her segment on Tuesday. When describing Vanity, Williams poked her arms out in a wobbling motion and asked one of her staff members about the “portly girl” on “Love and Hip Hop.”

Vanity got wind of Williams’ remark and found it quite offensive. The reality star blasted the talk show host on her former cocaine addiction. The 23-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday morning and wrote, “Her[Wendy Williams] toothbrush shaped ass was actually being rude 😩 the old me would have wrote a long drawn out “f**k you b***h” letter but I’m so fuckin blessed with confidence that it don’t matter God bless you WENDY stay off the powder it’s shrinking your legs suh.” She also expressed how excited she was to be featured on the “Wendy Williams Show until the “rude” comment was made.

Fans sided with Vanity and began roasting Williams in the comment section.

“Wendy manly ass mad because she dnt have curves like you she’s always in someone business 🙄… You’re right she need to stay off powder and worry about her man with her funny built ass,” a fan said.

“Don’t worry about that lopsided build a bear looking bihh😂,” another said.

“Wendy is just a old whinging fart! With her dumb a** ‘how you doing?’ line. She needs to stop✋.”

“LHH” star Erica Mena also added chimed in and wrote, “But You the legend Sis. That’s why she talking about you.”

Vanity’s ex-boyfriend Tabius Tate offered her support and added, “You successful now this is the beginning… when they quit talking about  is when u need to worry.”

The “That’s My Bestfriend” rapper has became one of fan favorites on “LHHATL.” She’s received hundreds of messages from fans who call her an “inspiration” to other plus size women. She also released her new song on Itunes titled “B.A.P.S”.

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