Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell Shocks Husband with Revelation About Suicidal Thoughts

Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell opened up on her nine-part docu-series on TV One “We’re the Campbells” about going through a miscarriage and considering suicide at a young age.

The other half of the gospel duo was forced to go deeper into her past on her journey to writing a book. Campbell hoped to find her voice as a writer and decided to rehash some issues she faced in her life. The singer shared a secret with her husband Warryn that she’d been holding for decades. “I remember when I was 12 and we were living in Inglewood and I tried to kill myself.” She continued, “Something was telling me to slice your wrist in the kitchen. Now I know it was the enemy trying to take my life even as a young girl.”

Campbell’s husband was visibly moved by the revelation, causing him to question whether their young children are experiencing similar thoughts.

In another clip, Campbell opened up about the miscarriage she suffered while married to Warryn. “There’s so many feelings going along with having a miscarriage and it’s not always easy to explain. I think that women should talk about it more because once a mom finds out she’s having a baby [she] falls in love with that baby before [she] even sees it.”

The episode airs July 17 on TV One.

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