Tiny Sends a Message to Critics Who Bash Her for Staying with T.I. After He Cheated


Whether he’s cheating or not, Tiny is thankful to her husband T.I. for gifting her with some lavish items on her 43rd birthday.

The Xscape singer publicly thanked her rapper spouse for gifting her with a custom Mercedes-Benz designed by ATL Custom Auto and seemed to send a message to those urging her to call it quits when she gloated about how much Tip has done for her.

“Thank you so much Mr. Harris @troubleman31 for showing up on MY ACTUAL birthday & showing out! I really really love this car & all the other nice gifts & I just wanted to tell u how thankful I am. Regardless of whatever, you have done more for me & showed me more love than most will ever have a man to do/give in a lifetime & I appreciate you for that!

“By the way, I’m having an amazing birthday! Thank you to everyone who made this day a special one!! 🙏🏽👑😘💘❤ #714 #CancerSeason #17yrsWorth,” she added.

Tip also left her a happy birthday message.


T.I. has been in hot water ever since June when he was caught on video getting too friendly with “Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson.

And fans have been blasting her for staying with him ever since.

“@majorgirl I hope you don’t get offended or upset when I say what I’m about to say,” one said. “But I’m VERY disappointed in the decision you made AGAIN to give your husband ANOTHER chance!”

“No she’s telling us she has no SELF RESPECT.”

Tiny’s praise for Tip is a change from her passive-aggressive Instagram remarks she had been making in the preceding weeks.

“I’m in my ‘You have to prove everything you say to me’ phase of life,” she said on her IG story two weeks ago.

Before then, she posted two zodiac-related posts on her story that seemed to be an ultimatum to her husband of almost eight years.

“Cancer is never a second option. You either choose them or you f—ing lose them,” one of the posts said.

However, it seems Tiny hasn’t been moping around much and waiting for Tip. She was reported to be going out clubbing until the early hours of the morning, dancing among hot young rappers.

“There were lots of hot, young Atlanta rappers all around their table,” a friend of Tiny’s told the HollywoodLife. ”Tiny was looking fine as hell, dancing and showing off her twerking skills. The guys were all giving tons of attention. Tip has eyes all over the city so you know he’s going to hear about this and burn with jealousy.”

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