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Fans Praise ‘LHHATL’ Joseline Hernandez for Fighting to Help Puerto Rico Recover

Fans praised former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Joseline Hernandez after she joined forces with Coop Sana and the PRP Foundation on Sunday to help Puerto Rico citizens.

Many Puerto Ricans are still recovering from Hurricane Maria and are in need of assistance. Hernandez shared a video of her organization the “Puerto Rican Princess Foundation” teaming up with Psychiatrist David Purselle and his wife Buffie, entrepreneur Shawn Brooks and ‘iResearch of Atlanta’ to help her native country. She explained that the country’s “focus should be agriculture.”

“People need to learn how to grow their own food,” she said. “People need to learn how to rebuild that’s the most important thing… Learn how to clean your own water… It’s like going back to the beginning of life and teaching them how to start over.”

Fans applauded Hernandez’s positive message and agreed with her idea about self-sufficiency.

“Damn, this is so amazing. Bigs ups [Joseline]. You’re doing it for our people.🙏 So much love,” one person wrote.

“I been saying this – we need to learn how to grow our own food and we need to own our own land,” another added.

“Good job Jos! Such great ideas and insight!”

“You have my respect on a whole new level.”

“You’re speaking truth,” one fan commented.

The 31-year-old formed her “PRP” organization in 2017 to “protect, rebuild and prosper” the island. She said she and the others were in Puerto Rico to “grow and bring awareness to health, work, agriculture and much more!! This is the purpose of my existence.”

The country of Puerto Rico faced devastation in September of 2017 when category 4 hurricane “Maria” tore through the island and left roughly 4,600 people dead according to CNN. The disaster also knocked out 85% of the power lines. Many people were stranded without food and water for days and the majority of the country’s power didn’t return until December. Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rossello and many of the residents blamed “FEMA” and President Trump for taking a long time to aid the U.S. territory.

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