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Angela Rye’s Inspirational Message Goes Left After a Fan Grills Her About Charlamagne Tha God’s Rape Accusations

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Woman, EVOLVE!! I’m a church girl. Liiiiiike COGIC for 15 years of my life. Liiiiike clap on the 2 and the 4 to the shout music. What’s my point? @bishopjakes and @seritajakes are legend. Woman, Thou Art Loosed is etched in my memory as a key part of my spiritual development. When I was first introduced to the preaching AND teaching word of my, now, sister friend @sarahjakesroberts, I KNEW she had it. What I did not know is that we would become friends because of her generosity of spirit, authentic and transparent nature, text message READS, and clapbacks that will pull you straight outta nonsense!! 🤣 ••• I am so thankful she asked me to participate in her inaugural #womanevolve18. When I tell you this is the next iteration of Woman, thou art loosed…when I tell you I already FEEL the evolution?! OMG! She is just getting started y’all. I see it ALL over her. I promise you…do not sleep on Sarah or the God in her. Last night, I exposed flaws and all with @caitlincrosby and the ever-hilarious (anointed to read too) @cjakescoleman! Do. Not. Miss. This. Next. Year!!!! #workwoke

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Angela Rye’s Instagram post about a Christain women’s conference quickly turned away from the subject after a user questioned the CNN commentator about her friend Charlamagne Tha God’s  resurfaced rape allegations

“The Breakfast Club” host was 22 when he was accused of raping a 15-year-old girl at a party in his native South Carolina in 2001. He cooperated with authorities at the time and provided DNA and blood samples. However, Jessica Reid, who is now 32, was uncooperative. Charlamange’s charges were lowered from second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, for which he got 3 years probation.

Now, Reid wants to reopen the case and get closure on the issue.

“Angela, are you going to speak on your friend Charlagmagne allegedly drugging then raping a 15-year-old girl years ago?” a user asked the attorney looping in a 1990s incident where Charla admitted in 2015 to giving a woman Spanish Fly and having sex with her when she wasn’t “coherent.” “I know you speak up for Black women being respected but for some reason your kinda quiet on this subject…..I hope you don’t let it slide and hope for it to go away…..I’m just thinking out loud 🤔.”

Charlamagne Tha God

It didn’t take long for Rye to respond in defense of Charla, telling the user to refer to his book, “Black Privilege.”

“@hiphopizmylife since you opted to post about TWO different incidents and described neither of them accurately on my Jesus conference post, sure. My BROTHER is neither a molester nor a rapist. He never drugged anyone. He never touched the girl. Read more about the incident from 2001 in his book ‘Black Privilege’ and note that he regrets having a party where underaged folks where drinking when he was young and dumb (that’s the ONLY thing he pled to…why? Because there was no physical evidence connecting him to the girl. Why? Because he never touched her. I truly pray for her piece of mind. Truly. However, she will not ‘come up’ on my brother off a lie. I stand for truth before I stand for anything else. God bless you and your family.”

Charlamagne Tha God

Fans tore into Rye over her taking up for the radio personality.

“You’re a hypocrite!!! Claimed to be a feminist and you defended a rapist!!! No 23-year-old grown man, should drug an underage girl to have sexual relations with her!! That’s sick!! You’re just a talker blah blah blah!! Defend the Black woman that was taken advantage of!! Molester’s need to be shamed!! Angela Rye defended Charlemagne, who committed a worse act than Donald Trump!! Because he committed a crime!! Hypocrite!! Keep pandering to your idiotic ‘Love n Hip Hop’ fan base.”

“The crises of sexual assault happening to young Black women at the hands of older Black men is an epidemic. These young women don’t have the resources or platforms to come forward. To appear on TV daily as if you champion Black people leaves the narrative that you care for us equally you don’t. You care about your friends, your TV time, your CHECK. You didn’t even take to time to actually read the warrant or police report. YOU’RE A FRAUD. GET OFF TV WITH FAUX CONCERN AND YOUR FAKE OUTRAGE GO TO HOLLYWOOD AND BECOME AN ENTERTAINER BECAUSE AT THIS POINT THAT’S ALL YOU’LL BE TO BLACK WOMAN IN NEED OF HELP.”

Charlamagne has addressed the accusations in a 2013 interview with DJ Akademiks, saying he threw the party, left early and then got word that Reid claimed she was raped.

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